Piano Lessons

Why piano lessons?

Music instruction and piano lessons offer a great number of benefits. Music lessons and piano instruction allows students to become independent thinkers, critical analyzers, and it helps to support responsibility. In addition, it builds self-esteem, encourages and promotes child development, helps with better coordination, increased dexterity, promotes the use of fine motor skills, and helps students gain better understanding of STEM (Science, Technology. Engineering and Math) principles and skills.  

Our piano lessons are also designed to be fun, utilizing media and technology and off bench activities, to help students learn and appreciate the piano. At The Music Enrichment and Development Center, LLC, we strive to individualize each musical lesson to benefit our students and to enrich their total being!

Piano Lessons:

Descriptions and Pricing

"Pre"-ludes/Introductory Class

Using the Wunderkeys system, students ages 2 & 3 will explore the piano through fun activities featuring the Wunderbies, will learn or reinforce number recognition, will learn/reinforce their hand dexterity and familiarize and introduce them to the piano, in 20 minute lessons. The student will receive:

4- 20 minute lessons/wk


Expositioners/Developmental Class

These students are in their developmental period or in musical terms, the exposition phase of their learning, typically for students ages 4 & up. They will begin to learn more about the piano, music theory, learn music history, and engage in sight-reading and ear-training. These students will have the opportunity to compete in music competitions and talent shows, when appropriate. The student will receive:

4- 30 minute lesson/wk


What our customers are saying

Awesome Teacher ! My son loves her ! She is very patient and kind.

Former Parent